Affordable Song Licensing


About Affordable Song Licensing

With 3+ years of experience in mechanical licensing and thousands of Notices of Intention sent, Affordable Song Licensing wants to provide a cost effective way for songwriters and musicians to release their cover songs.

We keep things straightforward here at Affordable Song Licensing:

  • No complex volume discounts
  • Nothing that will catch you off-guard at time of payment
  • $12 + royalties (up to 25% cheaper than any other option online)

We offer more for less, and don’t try to upsell the unnecessary. For $12, you get your song searched and a Licensing Certificate to keep on file and show any manufacturers that require documentation stating that you followed the steps required by Compulsory Law .

Why Affordable Song Licensing?

  • AFFORDABILITY – We are the most cost effective option online. Period.
  • EASE – Our database will help you find the song you want to license quickly and efficiently.
  • QUICK – You receive your licensing proof within 2 business days or less.
  • KNOWLEDGE – We have personal contacts at all of the major publishers as well as hundreds of smaller publishers.
  • AVAILABILITY – All e-mails are answered within 24 hours.
  • EXCITEMENT – Got us on the phone? Chances are we sound like we’re smiling when we speak. We LOVE what we do.

When you go with Affordable Song Licensing, it is literally the best $12 (plus royalties) you will ever spend.